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Senator Ted Cruz Was Not Born in the United States. Can He run for the Presidency?

Posted By Levi

March 23rd, 2015 8:58pm

Today, the Republican senator from Texas, Ted Cruz, declared his intention to become president of the United States. Senator Cruz was not born in America. He is Canadian by birth and maintained his dual citizenship up until recently. During the last six years President Obama has come under relentless attack from certain right wing elements in the country, many of whom still maintained to this day that the president was not born in the United States. Many of these same people support Senator Cruz for president. Of course, the big difference between the two men is that President Obama was, in fact, born in the United States while Senator Cruz was not. Yes, the president was born in Hawaii and that state is still a part of the US. Donald Trump is still searching for Obama’s birth certificate to prove that the president was born in Kenya and not the US. So, is Senator Cruz eligible to run for the presidency? Yes, he has every right just as President Obama did. The Constitutional requir Read More

Why Does George W. Bush Get The Most Benefits Of All Living Presidents?

Posted By Levi

April 30th, 2014 8:28pm

All living former presidents get a yearly pension of a little over $200,000. In addition, each receives yearly allowances with George W. Bush getting the highest amount for 2014 – $1.3 million. What’s the purpose of these allowances; mainly to pay for office space. Clinton has an 8,300 square-foot office in New York City while Bush has  8,200 square feet in Dallas, Texas. Yes, the pension I understand, but do they really need the extra allowances. Why do we have to pay for their office space? Since he left the White House, Clinton has raked in $106 million . The others have done well for themselves too. Twitter: @Levianthony123 FollowShare Share this:EmailTweetShare on TumblrPrintMoreLike this:Like Loading... Read More