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No, Senator DeMint, the Constitution Did Not End Slavery; It Protected It.

Posted By Levi

Jim DeMint is a former Republican member of the United States senate. He is currently the head of the Heritage Foundation, a think-tank in Washington, DC. Recently, he gave an interview in which he said the following: “The reason that the slaves were eventually freed was the Constitution . . . It was like the conscience of the American people. Unfortunately there were some court decisions like Dred Scott and others that defined some people as property, but the Constitution kept calling us back to ‘all men are created equal and we have inalienable rights in the minds of God.” “But a lot of the move to free the slaves came from the people, it did not come from the federal government,” DeMint continued. “It came from a growing movement among the people, particularly people of faith, that this was wrong. People like Wilberforce, who persisted for years because of his faith, because of his love for people. So no liberal is going to win a debate that big government freed the sla Read More

Blame the Constitution for the Federal Government Shutdown

Posted By Levi

October 14th, 2013 5:00pm

Republicans in Congress have shut down the federal government because they want to get rid of the new Affordable Care Act, also called Obamacare. But the blame should really be on the Constitution. This kind of government shutdown could never occur  in countries such as Canada or Britain. This is because the system of government in these two countries is different from that of the United States. Britain, Canada and many other democratic nations have what is called “parliamentary democracies.” The American system is called a “presidential system.” Here is one major difference between the two. In a parliamentary democracy, the chief executive, often called the Prime Minister, is the equivalent of the US president. Both the Prime Minister of Canada and the American president are the leaders of their respective countries. However, in the United States, the president is elected in a nationwide vote; he has to campaign all over the country seeking votes. But in Cana Read More

Does the Constitution Give the President the Legal Authority to Attack Syria?

Posted By Levi

September 11th, 2013 8:00pm

President Obama has asked Congress to approve a military strike on Syria. However, it appears that Congress will not give its approval. Nevertheless, Administration officials have insisted that the president have the legal right to attack Syria even if Congress refused to give its approval. Does the Constitution give the president the legal authority to make war on another country? No, it doesn’t. Yet many Americans hold the view that the President can take the country to war without approval from Congress. I simply cannot understand that view. The Constitution could not be clearer on this point. The power to declare war is found in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution: [Congress shall have Power…] To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water. The language of the Constitution is absolutely clear – only Congress can declare war, not the president. It is true that the Constitution also says the President Read More

The Hypocrisy of the Right on President Obama’s Birth

Posted By Levi

March 25th, 2013 1:52pm

Writing in Forbes, Rick Ungar alerted us to a blatant case of hypocrisy from the Right at their annual Conservative Political Action Conference last week. For the past few years, certain elements within the conservative movement have become obsessed with the false idea that President Obama was not born in the United States and therefore is unqualified to be the president. Ungar writes: “Shortly after Sarah Palin finished cooing over the introduction she had received from Senator Ted Cruz—during which the half-term governor reminded us that we need more people like the Texas Senator in Washington—Palin turned her attention to President Obama’s support for background checks for those who wish to purchase a gun. “More background checks?” Palin asked. “Dandy idea, Mr. President -should’ve started with yours.” Of course, to much laughter from the crowd. The hypocrisy stems from the fact that the man who introduced Palin, US Senator Ted Cruz, is seen by many in the Republic Read More

After 148 years, Mississippi finally ratifies 13th Amendment, which banned slavery!

Posted By Levi

February 18th, 2013 5:14pm

From CBS News: The 13th Amendment to the Constitution, which abolished slavery, was ratified in 1865. Lawmakers in Mississippi, however, only got around to officially ratifying the amendment last month — 148 years later — thanks to the movie “Lincoln.” The state’s historical oversight came to light after Mississippi resident Ranjan Batra saw the Steven Spielberg-directed film last November, the Clarion-Ledger reports. After watching the film, which depicts the political fight to pass the 13th Amendment, Batra did some research. He learned that the amendment was ratified after three-fourths of the states backed it in December 1865. Four remaining states all eventually ratified the amendment — except for Mississippi. Mississippi voted to ratify the amendment in 1995 but failed to make it official by notifying the U.S. Archivist. Batra spoke to another Mississippi resident, Ken Sullivan, who contacted Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann abou Read More