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Why are Muslims so angry about cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad?

Posted By Levi

January 12th, 2015 7:28pm


Over the last few years, the publication of images of the Prophet Mohammad has angered many Muslims and caused violent outbursts. The terrorists who killed twelve journalists from the French newspaper Charlie Hebdo last week cited the publication of cartoons mocking Mohammad as the reason for the attack. They said they found such images to be insulting and offensive to the Prophet. Of course, you don’t attack and kill people simply because they offend you. The question many people are asking is this: Why are Muslims so angry over the publication of cartoons of their prophet? Generally, Muslims are opposed to images of Mohammad and other prophets because of fear that they could lead to idolatry. They worry that statues or images of the prophet could be used as idols and that people might call upon them to intercede with God which would be against religious law. In the eyes of many Muslims this is blasphemy – the act of showing insult or disrespect to God and religion. Does the Koran Read More