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Florida Has Never Executed A White Person For Killing A Black Person

Posted By Levi

March 18th, 2014 8:07pm

I am against the death penalty mainly for two reasons. First, too many innocent people have been sentenced to death in the past. Since 1973, over 140 people have been released from death row after their innocence was later proven. Besides, as long as the death penalty exists there is always the possibility that innocent people will be executed. Secondly, the death penalty is racist. In the states that have the death penalty, blacks are more likely to be put to the death for killing whites than vice versa. Here is more evidence to support my claim. According to Think Progress, Florida has executed 84 people since the Supreme Court reinstated the  death penalty in 1976. “Zero of them are white people sentenced to death for killing an African American. Indeed, according to the American Civil Liberties Union, “no white person has ever been executed for killing an African American” in the state of Florida. Nor is Florida particularly unusual in the racial impact of its death pe Read More