In Iraqi classrooms, ISIS bans the teaching of evolution and segregates boys and girls.

Posted By Levi

October 5th, 2014 12:52pm


In the areas they controlled in Iraq, ISIS, the Sunni extremist group, has issued new instructions to schools.  Under the new rules, all classes and instruction should be conducted according to Sharia laws, a Muslim religious code. Under the new rules

▪ Male and female students must be separated; they cannot be taught in the same classroom.

▪ The teaching of evolution is to be removed from textbooks

▪ Anything that encourages patriotism –like the phrase, “Republic of Iraq” – is banned.

▪ The teaching of subjects such as art, music, philosophy and social studies are banned

Also banned are geography, history and literature lessons as well as any teaching about Christianity. However, physics, chemistry, mathematics, Arabic and English will continue to be taught.

▪ In science books, any reference to Darwinism or to natural evolution is to be deleted. This would be replaced by sentences that made it clear that God was the creator of everything.



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