First Day of Georgia’s new “Guns Everywhere” Law: Two armed citizens came face to face

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July 2nd, 2014 7:08pm

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Georgia’s new gun law went into effect today. As of today, just about anyone can pack heat and it is legal. You can now openly carry guns into bars, restaurants, nightclubs, classrooms and even some government buildings.

And if you don’t believe the protection of the Almighty is enough for you, you can carry your gun to church as well.

This was the deal that the NRA made with the governor of Georgia who is aptly named Nathan Deal. Never mind that the majority of Georgians disagree with the law.

But this is funny, this is what happened today on the first day that the law went into effect.

“A man carrying a holstered firearm entered the store to make a purchase. Another customer, also with a holstered firearm, approached him and demanded to see his identification and firearms license, according to the Valdosta Police Department report.

The customer making demands for ID pulled his firearm from its holster but never pointed it at the other customer, who said he was not obligated to show any permits or identification.

He demanded the man’s ID again. Undeterred by the drawn gun, the man paid for his items, left the store and called for police.

Authorities arrested Ronald Williams, 62, on a charge of disorderly conduct, related to the pulling of a weapon inside of the store, according to the VPD. Police confiscated Williams’ weapon and took him to the Lowndes County Jail.

The police chief said no one can demand a person to show their gun permit. Under the new law, he as police chief and his officers cannot demand to see a firearms permit, Childress said.

“This is an example of my concern with the new gun law that people will take the law into their own hands which we will not tolerate,” Childress said.

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