No, Crime Is Not Going to Start Soaring Under Bill de Blasio

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November 6th, 2013 8:19pm


I voted for Bill de Blasio mainly because of some of the things he said during the campaign, especially his attacks on the growing income inequality in the City that has increased significantly over the past 12 years under the Bloomberg administration.  See here.

I don’t know if Mr. De Blasio will keep his promise to deal with this problem but if he begins to act in the interest of those at the top I will not hesitate to criticize him.

That said, I am a little amused  by the dire warnings  of some of his opponents that the city will see increase crime rates over the next four years. Here for example is the Economist warning the mayor-elect that he better not screw up:

New York has been well run for 20 years. It used to be one of America’s most dangerous big cities; now it is one of the safest. Crime has fallen faster in the Big Apple than elsewhere, thanks to police reforms begun by Rudy Giuliani (the mayor from 1994 to 2001) and continued by Mike Bloomberg, his successor.

Yes, it is true that the crime rates went down significantly under both Mayor Giuliani and Mayor Bloomberg and their policies did contribute to this decline. But as Mother Jones Kevin Drum points out, it is false to say that the policies they instituted were the primary causes of the decline in crime in New York City. The facts simply do not support this.

The United States has seen a dramatic decline in violent crimes over the past two decades. And the decline started before Mayor Giuliani took office. Besides, New York City was not the only one to see massive drop in crimes.  Other cities such as Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles saw equally big drops as well.

And they did it without Mayor Giuliani or Mayor Bloomberg. They did it without the notorious stop and frisk policy. Here is the evidence.

Decline in crimes

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