Why is Bill de Blasio Leading the Race for the Next Mayor of New York City?

Posted By Levi

August 16th, 2013 2:17pm

Category: Economy

In the race for New York City next mayor, Bill de Blasio has surged to the top of the polls surprising many.

I am not a political expert, but maybe the reason for this is because he is the only candidate talking about income inequality in the city. See this NY Times piece, De Blasio Asks City to Address Its Inequalities. He is talking about a topic to which many New York City residents can easily relate.

The growing income gap between the rich and the poor is at the root of much of the economic problems now plaguing the United States. And nowhere is this more pronounced than in New York City where income inequality is worse than in many parts of the developing world.

According to Business Insider,  New York City “is now the most unequal city in the most unequal state in the most unequal developed country in the world.”

And they provide the evidence.

Income inequality in US

Inequality grew over three times as fast in New York State — and over four times as fast in New York City

Income inequality in NYC

 Meanwhile, New York City Poverty Rate Rises As Gap Between Rich And Poor Widens.

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