Religious Fundamentalists Demean Women

Posted By Levi

October 3rd, 2012 8:03pm

Category: Religion

I have written before on the terrible treatment of women and girls in the conservative Muslim state of Saudi Arabia. See here and here. Apparently, women are not even allowed to be seen in advertisement. The retail giant, Ikea, has come under fire for removing women from their catalog that appears in Saudi Arabia. (h/t David Atkins). Here is an example of one such image which have been altered to suit the Saudi officials.

This image appears in Ikea’s catalog all over the world.

Here is the image that appears in the Saudi version of the catalog. The woman disappears.

But before you start condemning Muslim fundamentalism, hold your breath for a minute. A Jewish fundamentalist sect in Brooklyn, New York has also not been kind to women. Remember this picture that was released by the White House showing the President and top officials watching the raid that killed Osama bin Laden?

Here is the picture that appears in the Yiddish-language newspaper of Der Tzeitung. Notice that the two women simply vanished. The editors of the paper said that their Hasidic readership would be offended by a photograph of a woman.


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