NYS Regents


Base your answers to questions 16 and 17 on the cartoon below and
on your knowledge of social studies.

16 What is the main idea of this cartoon from the 1800s?

(1) Labor is gaining power over big business.
(2) Most Americans support the labor movement.
(3) Business has advantages over labor.
(4) Government should support the expansion of railroads.

17 The American Federation of Labor responded to the situation shown in the cartoon by

(1) organizing skilled workers into unions
(2) encouraging open immigration
(3) forming worker-owned businesses
(4) creating a single union of workers and farmers

18 The Sherman Antitrust Act and the Clayton Antitrust Act were passed in an effort to

(1) promote the formation of new trusts
(2) maintain competition in business
(3) increase business investment
(4) limit the activities of foreign corporations

19 Between the 1890s and the start of World War I, the United States expanded its access to overseas markets and raw materials through the policy of

(1) containment
(2) imperialism
(3) isolationism
(4) neutrality

Base your answer to question 20 on the table below and on your
knowledge of social studies.

20 The common purpose of these legislative acts was to

(1) protect the nationís natural resources
(2) improve conditions for recent immigrants to the United States
(3) advance the growth of big business
(4) promote the general welfare of the American public

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